Beyond The Sessions

There's more to advancing your career than learning new tips, techniques, and practices. In today's market, networking has become more important than ever. To help you meet and interact with fellow conference attendees, the Agile2010 experience extends well-beyond the sessions with great special events aimed at helping you network with participants and speakers in a social environment.

First Time Attendee Orientation - Sunday, August 8th, 15:15 & 17:15

If you find the conference schedule slightly overwhelming, make sure to attend the Agile2010 Orientation Sessions. These special sessions are designed to give first-time attendees a little "101 Guide" to Agile2010, including insight into ways to get the most out of their experience. There will also be a "Q & A" session at the end in case we miss anything. There is no pre-registration required and any registered Agile2010 attendee may attend.

Open Jam - August 8 - 13th

Producer: Esther Derby

Open from 3:00p Sunday until 12:30pm Friday, Open Jam is a place to share questions and quandaries, talk to the experts, demonstrate software and techniques, and experiment with emerging Agile practices and ideas.

Sessions don't need to be formal, like the ones on the program (in fact it's more fun if they are not). Anyone can convene a session at the Open Jam stage based on a passion and a commitment to make the session happen.

Bring your crucial issues and ideas, your passion and your commitment to the Open Jam. Walk away with valuable new insights into topics that are relevant to you today.

LiveAid Lab - August 9 - 13th

Producer: Bob Payne

This year the LiveAid Stage is teaming with the UX/UI stage to host a NFP Extreme Makeover with Mano a Mano. We will be teaming with Usability and Design experts to remake the Face of Mano a Mano. Come in and observe the makeover in person.

The LiveAid Lab allows attendees to participate in a real agile project for a Not for Profit. Our lab will be staffed with experienced mentors to help you maximize your ability to contribute and learn in the lab.


  • Donate Time by participating for 10 minutes or a Day
  • Observe an Agile Project in Action
  • Donate money to help the cause

We are dedicated to creating a unique lab experience that uses real projects with real deliverables.

By marrying the efforts of dedicated professionals experiencing Agile Development techniques with communities that need high quality software we hope to be a small part of a positive change. Code developed during the course will be deployed in the final product.

To follow our progress please visit

Opening Reception - Monday, August 9th at 19:00-22:00

Join us poolside on the Cabana Deck for Agile2010's Opening night reception. The night will be filled with food, drink and fun! After chatting with new attendees and reconnecting with old friends, be sure to stop by the vendors located alongside the grotto pool to see what's new in the industry. Casual shorts and t-shirts are strongly recommended as Orlando's summer evenings are especially sizzling.

Industry Analyst Roundtable - Tuesday, August 10th at 17:15-18:15

Agile Trends and Future Directions - Come join the leading industry analysts as they discuss the latest trends and emerging best practices around Agile software development. Learn how the most successful software organizations are utilizing Agile to drive business performance. Find out how the latest innovations in Agile practices continue to mature as development organizations deploy Agile further across the enterprise.

  • Dave West, Forrester Research
  • David Norton, Gartner
  • Melinda Ballou, IDC
  • Michael Azoff, Ovum

Dinner with a Stranger - Tuesday, August 10th at 19:30

Socializing and networking are an integral part of Agile2010. If you'll be attending Agile2010 alone, make sure to stop by the registration desk and sign up for "Dinner with a Stranger" on Tuesday, August 10. Just add your name to one of the sign-up sheets with the names of nearby restaurants and grab your "I'm a stranger" ribbon. Later that night, put it on and meet your fellow participants for dinner and great conversation. Seating is limited, so sign up early!

Agile Alliance Members Meeting - Wednesday, August 11th at 18:30

The annual Agile Alliance Member's Meeting will be held at the Agile2010 conference. Members are invited to meet, hear about, and discuss Alliance business with the Agile Alliance board of directors. Drinks and snacks will be served.

Sponsor Reception - Wednesday, August 11th at 18:30-21:30

Get your Agile2010 passport stamped at this year's Sponsor Reception. The sponsors have played a large role in making this year's conference a great success. So come out and visit their booths, find out the latest and greatest in agile development, collect stamps, enjoy appetizers and drink, and enter for your chance to win great prizes! Prozes include an Apple iPad, Flip Slide HD and others.

Conference Party - Thursday, August 12th at 19:00-22:00

Make your way to Epcot's World ShowPlace Pavilion for this year's Agile2010 conefernce party. The conference's grand finale will be worth the short walk across Disney's International Gateway as it will include a scrumptious buffet dinner, beverages and three exclusive performances. Cast your eyes on the exciting performance by Dragon Legend Acrobats, gripping acts directly from China, displaying a different kind of agility, strength and balance at Agile2010. Find yourself in awe of the extraordinary Albena Aleksandrova. This contortionist becomes "one" with the music demonstrating balance, control, strength and stretch all with the human body! Finally, rock out with Off Kilter! This Celtic band merges traditional Celtic music with rock 'n roll classics while sporting kilts and bagpipes.

Following the eventful evening, guests can enjoy and a dazzling IllumiNation: Reflections of Earth fireworks show at 9:00pm and all Epcot has to offer until midnight!

Extreme Fishbowl 2010 - Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during lunch

Two pairs of programmers, the latest high-tech tools, large screen monitors, and a customer with a vision. Put it all together and you have ... Extreme Fishbowl 2010! Eight years after the original event, the fishbowl is back—bigger and better than ever. The customer wants clean code that works, the developers want to exhibit their programming skills (while not getting fired), and the audience wants a good time while they eat. Come see how much can get done in 40 minutes of intense, focused agile development. Join us as a participant or spectator in "the fishbowl."

What it is

Extreme Fishbowl celebrates the art of team-based, agile programming. The fishbowl holds four programmers, a customer, and a commentator, all working with real live code. Conference attendees can either watch or participate in this high-stakes development situation where functionality, quality, and process all matter. It's a lot of fun!

How it works

Each day during the lunch block, participants line up to await their turn in the fishbowl—a highly-visible, high-pressure development situation with everything on the line (including their reputations).

Wait for others to be "fired" until your turn rolls around. Then get seated quickly with your pair and await the ride of your life. You contribute code and tests to the ever-growing program, under the eagle eye of the demanding and occasionally capricious customer. Feedback is omnipresent, with all of the action shown on two big screens and a running play-by-play commentary from the host.

Who's facilitating

  • Your crotchety customer: J. B. Rainsberger
  • Your hilarious host: Jeff Nielsen
  • Surprise guest analysts, plucked from among the best agilistas in the business


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