Speaker Information

Congratulations and Welcome to the Agile2010 Conference official program! Thank you for accepting your speaker agreement and participating in this great conference.

The conference is taking place August 9th – 13th, 2010 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort - Orlando, FL.

Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort
1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Direct: 407.934.4000
Reservations: 800.227.1500 [be sure to mention Group: Agile2010]

This webpage will serve as the “home base” for any information you may need during the planning process of the Agile2010 Conference. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our Speaker Coordinator:

Jessica Ambrose
Agile Speaker Coordinator
Elastic Communications & Events Inc. | 2309 Kenbarb Road, Mississauga, ON L5B 2E9 | F: 905.281.9824
T: 905.281.0555 ext. 112 | speakersagile@elasticevents.com

Please also be sure to add speakersagile@elasticevents.com to your email allowed list in order to successfully receive all email communications.

Thank you, looking forward to seeing you in August in Orlando!

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You done the hard work submitting a great proposal, answered questions during the review process and were selected to speak at the conference. Congratulations, now you can let everyone know by placing the following badge (thanks David Bland) on your site. If you do use this please have it point to http://agile2010.agilealliance.org.

I'm speaking at Agile2010

Deadline Schedule

Task Owner Deadline
Speaker Details Sent from Elastic Elastic May 18, 2010
Deadline to Register Speakers June 4, 2010
Deadline to Book Hotel Speakers June 30, 2010
Deadline to Send Bookstore Form Speakers July 20, 2010
Speaker Presentations Speakers TBD

Agile2010 Speaker Compensation Policy

Please read the compensation policy carefully.

We are pleased to offer the 1st speaker associated with each session the following compensation. Regretfully, we cannot offer transferring of compensation packages to additional speakers.

Note: You cannot accumulate complimentary hotel nights and/or registrations. You are able to accumulate monetary compensation for every session that you present as a 1st speaker.

180 Minute Session

  • Conference registration fee waived
  • (5) Complimentary hotel nights
  • $750 US
  • $500 Travel Stipend

90 Minute Session

  • Conference registration fee waived
  • (4) Complimentary hotel nights
  • $250 US

60 Minute Session

  • Conference registration fee waived
  • (1) Complimentary Hotel Night - Valid for Thursday Night Only
  • $250 US

Less than 60 Minute Session [Includes Experience Report]

  • Conference registration fee waived

Note: Compensation is not available for the following session types: Panel member, Panel moderator, Poster, Research-in-progress.

Registration - Deadline: June 4, 2010

  • Go to www.agileregistration.org and click on "Registration"
  • Please ensure you register as a SPEAKER
  • To secure your complimentary conference registration, please enter your discount code during Step 1 of the registration process.
  • Your Discount Code will be emailed to you along with your Speaker Details by May 18th.

Deadline: Your speaker discount code is valid until June 4, 2010

Note: When registering, please be sure to indicate a fee type (Member/Alumni, Non-Member, Academic) because we need this information for our demographics – you will not be asked to make a payment.

Hotel Reservations – Deadline: June 30, 2010

  • Please refer to the Compensation Policy above & Speaker Detail Email sent May 18th, for details on your entitled complimentary nights.
  • To reserve your room at the official Agile2010 Conference hotel – Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, please Click Here.
  • You do not have to provide a code to book your room. Please book your entire stay and we will arrange to deduct the complimentary nights from your bill. For example if you are planning to stay for 6 nights, we will deduct for 4 nights.
  • DEADLINE: The deadline to book your room is June 30th.
  • If you book after the deadline, you may subject to a higher room rate. Agile will only cover your compensation at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort and up to the negotiated speaker rate.

Letter of Invitation

If you require an official letter of invitation in order to participate in the Agile2010 Conference, please email the following information to speakersagile@elasticevents.com.

  • Your official name [as read on your passport]
  • The Office in which you would like the letter addressed to [Ie. Canadian Embassy, United States]
  • Travel dates [Ie. August 9th – 13th, 2010]
  • Where you are rooming during your stay [ie. Gaylord Opryland Hotel]
  • Any family members also travelling with you [if applicable]

Bookstore – Deadline: July 20th

BreakPoint Books will be managing the onsite bookstore at the Agile2010 Conference. To ensure your authored books and/or your recommended books are featured at the bookstore, please download the Speaker Bookstore Form, fill in and send back by DEADLINE: July 20th.

Seatup & Supplies

Room Setup & Capacities

  • The default room setup is “Rounds” – chairs around round tables [up to maximum room capacity].
  • Download Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort Floor Plans for specific room capacity.

Conference Equipment & Supplies

Each room will have a standard set of equipment & supplies [listed below].

  • Date Projector & Projection Screen
  • Microphones & Audio - (2) Wireless lapel microphones, (1) Wireless Handheld & Audio capabilities will be provided. Note: If room is small, audio capabilities will be provided however, microphone may not be necessary.
  • Wireless Internet - Access will be provided throughout the meeting space & public areas of the conference!
  • Laptops - You are required to provide your own laptop. If you do not have a laptop computer then please make arrangements to borrow a laptop. If this is not possible, please advise speakersagile@elasticevents.com.
  • Supplies - (1) flipchart, paper pad and (2) marker(s)
  • Additional Supplies - Please bring your own supplies for your session [ie. sticky notes, post-its, etc].
    • Shipping information & pricing is included below
    • See Room & Capacity chart above for recommended quantities

Speaker Ready-Room

The Speaker Ready-Room will be located in the "Americas Seminar Room". This room will be open from 7:30am – 5:30pm Daily.

Session Handouts & Reference Material

Session Handouts are available for printing onsite at the Speaker-ready Room. The limit for printouts is (10) pages front and back maximum. Please note we will not be able to provide colour copies.

Honorarium Payment & Travel Stipend

* Please refer to the Compensation Policy above & Speaker Detail Email sent May 18th, for details on your honourarium payment.

  • Speakers who are to receive a monetary honorarium will be able to pick up their checks at the Speaker Ready Room [location] after you have presented all of your sessions.
  • You are able to accumulate your honorarium & travel stipend for each session you present as a 1st presenter.
  • The Agile2010 Planning Committee will be tracking the number of sessions and thus your payment amount.
  • Checks will be written in $US funds.
  • Speakers who are required to fill out a W-9 or W-8B Form will be contacted on an individual basis.

Session Uploads

Similar to last year, the Agile2010 Conference will not be producing a conference CD. More details to come regarding speaker presentation uploads.


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