Organizing Team

The Agile 2010 conference is created by a production team of highly respected Agile experts and practitioners to present a program that spans the whole spectrum of agile practice.

The Agile conference series is a organized as a program of the Agile Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to uncovering better ways of developing software inspired by the values and principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. A selection of past Agile Alliance conferences can be found at, for example see

Conference Chair:

James Newkirk - Microsoft, USA

Program Committiee:

Brian Button - Asynchrony Solutions, USA

Lowell Lindstrom - Oobeya Group, USA

Pollyanna Pixton - Accelinnova, USA

Research Program Co-Producers:

Joseph T. Chao - Bowling Green State University, USA

Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg - Adfectio Ltd, UK

Sponsor Liaison:

Phil Brock - Agile Alliance, USA

Media Sponsors:

Pollyanna Pixton - Accelinnova, USA


Christie Denniston - Catapult PR-IR, USA

Volunteer Coordinator:

Christine DelPrete, USA

Event Planning:

Elastic Communications & Events, Jessica Ambrose & Yvonne Dewar - Toronto, Canada

Web Design:

Blink Interactive - Washington, USA

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